MTRAVEL-Tour Booking Guide

How to reserve tour packages

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1. First, search for and click "Tour".


2. Select your country and destination. Key in your origin (where you depart from) and your travel destination (where you want to go).


3. Select your tour package and click "Buy Now".


4. Select your preferred departure date and number of guests.


5. Fill up the user details and submit.


6. Fill up the traveler details and submit.


7. State your special request/remark, if any, and proceed to final step.


8. Please double check all the details before you click "Pay Now".


9. Choose the payment method you want and complete the payment.


10. Payment is successful. We are processing your reservation and will notify you within 72 hours. Please check your email and booking history for the booking status.


11. Click in "My Booking" column to check your booking status.